How to List Stepparents on a Wedding Program

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Planning a wedding can be such an exciting time, yet it can also be a bit stressful when needing to consider the family dynamics of stepfamilies. Listing stepparents on a wedding program can be done by either not listing the stepparents on the wedding program or listing the father and new wife on one line … Read more

Where Do Stepparents Sit at a Wedding? Your Questions Answered

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About half of today’s families have experienced a divorce. The challenge of combining families alone is hard enough, let alone trying to coordinate a wedding where things can be awkward. For example, where do stepparents sit at a wedding? Stepparents who are married to a parent may sit beside their spouse or wherever they feel … Read more

What Stepparents Should Never Do – Stepparent Boundaries

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A stepfamily offers a new opportunity for love and family life, but it also represents challenges that need to be addressed. Concerning boundaries, what should a stepparent never do? A stepparent should never try to replace the stepchild’s biological parent or intentionally create conflict between their current spouse and their ex. A stepparent should also … Read more

Can a Stepparent Attend Doctor Appointments? Stepparent Rights

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One might assume that a stepparent would be able to take their stepchild to doctor appointments. After all, a stepfamily is like all other families in most ways. So can a stepparent attend doctor appointments? Stepparents are not allowed to attend doctor appointments with their stepchildren, nor are they allowed to make medical decisions for … Read more

Do Stepfamilies & Blended Families Really Work? We Find Out

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In the United States, the divorce rate as of 2021 was roughly 45%. Blended families are very common in today’s world, and they do not come without their challenges. So, do blended families really work? Stepfamilies and blended families can work successfully providing the couple is equipped to overcome common challenges within a blended family. … Read more