Do Stepparents Have Legal Rights to Stepchildren?

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When two families combine as one, there are many questions that arise. For example, do stepparents have legal rights to stepchildren? Stepparents do not generally have any legal rights to their stepchildren unless the stepparent adopts the child. As with all things in life, the rights a stepparent has over a stepchild may vary depending … Read more

When a Stepchild Is Jealous of a New Baby: What to Do

Young girl is showing jealousy of the new baby.

If you are expecting a new baby in a blended family, there may be some mixed feelings from all members of the family for different reasons. And what do you do if a stepchild is jealous of a new baby? To help a stepchild with feelings of jealousy over a new baby, don’t make the … Read more

Can You Add Your Stepchild to Your Health Insurance?

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Adding a stepchild to your health insurance plan might be scary if you have a mixed household with complicated health insurance needs. Can you add your stepchild to your health insurance? A stepchild can be added as a dependent on your health plan until they reach the age of 26. If you have a group … Read more

What Are Your Inheritance Rights as a Stepchild?

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Blended families confront distinct estate planning issues than typical families, especially when there are children and stepchildren involved. What are your inheritance rights as a stepchild? Stepchildren have no inheritance rights unless they were adopted. If the stepparent dies without an estate plan, the state will distribute possessions to the stepparent’s spouse and biological children, … Read more

Can a Stepchild Use a GI Bill? Transferring GI Bill Benefits

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Benefits under the GI Bill assist in paying for college, graduate school, and training programs. Further, GI Bill benefits may be transferred to another family member. But what about a stepchild? Can a stepchild use a GI Bill? A stepchild can use a GI Bill providing an eligible recipient of the GI Bill transfers the GI … Read more

Do Stepchildren Qualify for Military Benefits?

Military dad with wife holding his small daughter.

The United States military provides its military families with a wide range of benefits as a way of making sure that our military families are provided for. But do stepchildren qualify for military benefits? Stepchildren are considered dependents and qualify for many military benefits and privileges, as long as the parent of the child and … Read more

How to Get Along With Your Stepchild?

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When you first become a stepparent, it’s natural to question if you should act like a parent right away or wait and see. Also, how do you make sure you get along with your stepchild? To get along with your stepchild, don’t rush your expectations. Understand that a stepchild is likely grieving the life they … Read more

Are Stepparents Responsible For Child Support?

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Stepparents can serve a parental role in their stepchild’s life and create enduring familial relationships with them. But what if the marriage doesn’t last? Are stepparents responsible for child support? In most cases, a stepparent is not obligated to pay child support for a spouse’s children from a previous relationship. The amount of money a … Read more

Do Stepparents Sit at the Top Table? What You Need to Know

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There are so many things to think about and plan for your wedding day. Who will be on your guest list? What wedding dress will you choose? And oh dear, do stepparents sit at the top table? Stepparents may be seated at the top table, especially if they have financially contributed to your wedding. Traditionally, … Read more

How to Include Stepparents in a Wedding: Wonderful Ideas

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Stepparents play an important role in the lives of many. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are ways to include stepparents in the wedding to help them feel just as important as the biological parents. There are several ways to include stepparents in a wedding. Stepparents can be included in a wedding by … Read more

How to List Stepparents on a Wedding Program

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Planning a wedding can be such an exciting time, yet it can also be a bit stressful when needing to consider the family dynamics of stepfamilies. Listing stepparents on a wedding program can be done by either not listing the stepparents on the wedding program or listing the father and new wife on one line … Read more

Where Do Stepparents Sit at a Wedding? Your Questions Answered

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About half of today’s families have experienced a divorce. The challenge of combining families alone is hard enough, let alone trying to coordinate a wedding where things can be awkward. For example, where do stepparents sit at a wedding? Stepparents who are married to a parent may sit beside their spouse or wherever they feel … Read more