What is Foster Care Adoption? Adopting a Foster Child

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Foster care adoption is a domestic adoption option for those considering adopting a child. So what is foster care adoption? Foster care adoption is available to foster parents fostering a child who will not be returned to their birth parents. Biological parents are given ample opportunities to rehabilitate and earn being reunited with their children. … Read more

Can a Foster Parent Work Full-Time? Helpful Tips to Consider

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If you are considering becoming a foster parent, you are bound to have a lot of questions. For example, can a foster parent work full-time? A foster parent can work full-time in most cases. Each state’s rules and regulations are unique, so contact your local DHS for clarification. Although it would be ideal for a … Read more

What Happens When a Teen in Foster Care Gets Pregnant?

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Thousands of teenagers wind up in foster care as a result of a traumatic experience, and pregnant teenagers in foster care are an unavoidable reality. So what happens when a teen in foster care gets pregnant? What happens to a pregnant teen in foster care depends on whether or not there is a foster home … Read more

Foster Care and Electronics: Things You Need to Consider

Foster Care and Electronics: Things You Need to Consider

Foster parents expect foster children to follow and respect house rules. This includes a foster home’s rules on electronics. Let’s take a well-rounded look at the topic of foster care and electronics. Foster care and electronics are a growing concern for foster parents as electronics become not only popular but a way of life for … Read more

When Does a Foster Child Become Adoptable?

When Does a Foster Child Become Adoptable?

Even though many foster parents had no intention of adopting their foster children, foster parents may grow connected to them and find it difficult to say goodbye. So you want to know, when does a foster child become adoptable? Not all foster children will become adoptable. For those foster children who may be eligible for … Read more

Are Foster Parents Abusive? Abuse in Foster Care

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Despite the fact that they are responsible for two-thirds of all foster child adoptions and are entrusted with the care of many of our country’s most vulnerable and needy children, little is known about foster parents. Are foster parents abusive? Not all foster parents are abusive, yet it happens enough that it triggers a need … Read more

8 Types Of Assistance Foster Parents Receive

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Parenting a child of any age can be both gratifying and challenging, and foster parents are confronted with particular obstacles while caring for children and adolescents. And let’s face it, raising a child can be expensive. Here we will take a look at 8 Types of Assistance Foster Parents Receive: Foster Parents Receive Monthly Reimbursement … Read more

Why Do Foster Parents Quit? The Truth Unfolds

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The new journey of becoming a foster parent can be exciting. Helping a child in need is heart-warming, but one question rings loud; why do foster parents quit? Foster parents quit due to a lack of support from their overburdened caseworkers who are spread so thin they are unable to provide the support foster families … Read more

Is It Free to Adopt From Foster Care? Costs of Foster Care Adoption

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A traditional adoption can cost upwards of $50,000 when you factor in legal fees, birth mother expenses, hospital costs, and advertising. These steep expenses can be discouraging to hopeful prospective parents. But what about foster care adoption? Is it free to adopt from foster care? There are generally no costs to adopt from foster care … Read more

How Do You Make a Foster Child Feel Comfortable?

Is It Free to Adopt From Foster Care? Costs of Foster Care Adoption

You got the phone call, and your new foster child is heading your way sometime soon. The room is ready, and you are excited to meet your new foster child, but you’re wanting to know, how do you make a foster child feel comfortable? To make your foster child feel comfortable, have cookies baking in … Read more

How Bad Is the Foster Care System?

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As with everything in life, there are ups and downs. Even the most well-intentioned programs meant to help those in need have their flaws. Some ask very harsh questions that we need to address. How bad is the foster care system? The foster care system in the United States is considered bad by some for … Read more

Can I Foster a Child With No Spare Bedroom? 9 Requirements

Can I Foster a Child With No Spare Bedroom? 9 Requirements

Making sure that you have the proper bedroom accommodations for a foster child is an important step in the foster care application process. You may be asking yourself, can I foster a child with no spare bedroom? You can foster a child with no spare bedroom, as sharing a bedroom with another child is permitted … Read more