Is IVF Painful? IVF Pain and Discomfort Revealed

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Women who are undergoing IVF treatment receive fertility drugs to promote the production of additional eggs. The eggs are then removed, and any viable embryos that have developed can subsequently be implanted into the uterus. But is IVF painful? IVF is painful on a moderate scale, with some women experiencing cramping and pressure in their … Read more

What Is Embryo Adoption? How Embryo Adoption Works

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Hopeful parents have always had the choice to expand their families via adoption and enjoy all the benefits of parenthood. So, what is embryo adoption? Embryo adoption is a type of adoption that enables the adoptive mother to carry and give birth to her genetically unrelated child. Adoptive parents start the adoption process nine months … Read more

What Not to Do After IVF Transfer: Embryo Transfer Aftercare

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When researching the IVF process, there are so many things to learn and make note of. For example, what not to do after IVF transfer. After IVF transfer, taking a pregnancy test right away is not recommended, as many symptoms mimic pregnancy that do not necessarily indicate you are pregnant. Bed rest should also be … Read more

IVF Cramping: Cramping After Embryo Transfer

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Whether you are preparing to have an IVF or have gone through the procedure, cramping can be a very real concern. In this article, we will go over possible reasons for cramping after an embryo transfer and go over when to be concerned. Cramping After Embryo Transfer Cramping can occasionally occur after the embryo has … Read more

How to Improve Egg Quality for IVF: Complete Guide [2022]


The quality of a woman’s eggs plays a key role in her fertility and her ability to have a baby. High-quality eggs have the best chance of developing into an embryo, implanting in the uterus, and resulting in a successful pregnancy. This guide will help educate you on how to ensure your eggs are of … Read more

How Much Is IVF in Mexico? IVF Costs in Mexico [2022]

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When considering In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) as a fertility treatment option, one may naturally wonder how much IVF is in Mexico. After all, many things are much less expensive in Mexico. IVF costs in Mexico can be just as comparable to the costs of IVF in the United States. So, how much is IVF in … Read more

No Pregnancy Symptoms After IUI: When IUI Doesn’t Work

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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Success Rate Facts There are several things that determine the success rate of the IUI procedure. Your own personal chance of success with IUI all depends on your specific circumstances. Experiencing no pregnancy symptoms after IUI can be very frustrating. We will go over some of the reasons for an unsuccessful IUI … Read more

31 Best Tips for a Successful IUI: IUI Success in 2022

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Our 31 best tips for a successful IUI will help you decide if IUI is right for you and provide you with success tips for your best IUI experience. The best way to be successful at anything is to learn as much as you can about the topic. Our tips are designed to educate and … Read more

IUI with Low Sperm Count: Low Sperm Count FAQs [2022]

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IUI with low sperm counts can be a challenging and worrisome time. Yet, even if your sperm count is poor, IUI can help you get pregnant. However, the lower the count, the lower the chance of success. According to research, IUI with at least 9 million motile sperm had a 17 percent success rate. After … Read more

How Long to Abstain Before an IUI: IUI FAQs Mega Guide [2022]

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If you are considering or preparing for the IUI procedure, you are bound to have a multitude of questions. For example, how long should you abstain before an IUI? The length of time one should abstain from ejaculatory abstinence prior to an IUI procedure is 2 days for the highest fertilization rate per cycle. Studies … Read more