International Adoption Pros and Cons: What You Need to Know

A couple sitting together making an important decision.

International adoption has several pros and cons which you will want to take into consideration. What are the pros and cons of international adoption? Pros of international adoption are that there are more children to adopt globally than just within the United States, and adoption requirements may be less strict when adopting abroad. A con … Read more

Do Adoption Birth Certificates Look Different? FAQs

Do Adoption Birth Certificates Look Different? FAQs

If you have been adopted or are adopting a child, you will naturally be wondering about the birth certificate. Do adoption birth certificates look different? Adoption birth certificates do not look any different than the birth certificates of those who were not adopted. There is nothing on the adoption birth certificate that will reveal that … Read more

How Hard is it to Adopt a Baby? 6 Reasons Adoption is Difficult

Baby with fingers in mouth wearing knitted hat.

Adopting a child may seem a bit intimidating, not to mention tedious and time-consuming. Some adoptive parents may ask, how hard is it to adopt a baby? Adopting a baby can be very difficult, as the majority of children available for adoption are older. There are enormous adoption costs, and the wait times are long … Read more

11 Ways to Adopt a Newborn Baby Quickly

Mom holding her smiling baby.

Considering adoption brings so many questions and concerns. And a very common question is, how do you adopt a newborn baby quickly? To adopt a newborn baby quickly, be sure of your decision to adopt. Already be financially ready, and know which type of adoption agency you wish to work with. Know your home study … Read more

11 Ways to Make Your Adopted Child Feel Welcome

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You made it through the long adoption process and are asking yourself, how do I make my adopted child feel welcome? To make your adopted child feel welcome, take lots of family photos and start a family photo album. Embrace your adopted child’s culture, which will help your child feel at home. Participate in one-on-one … Read more

Am I Too Young to Have a Baby? 8 Signs You’re Not Ready

Young lady wondering if she's too young to have a baby.

Pregnancy can be an amazing journey, but it can also be extremely scary for a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and wonders to herself, am I too young to have a baby? You are too young to have a baby if you need to rely on others for financial assistance and are not ready … Read more

Am I too Old to Adopt a Child? 10 Things to Consider

Am I too Old to Adopt a Child?

Our society conditions us to believe that after we get to a certain age, we should curl up into a ball, find a rocking chair, and plan for our downhill slide into retirement and a funeral plot. You may be wondering, am I too old to adopt a child? You are too old to adopt … Read more