11 Ways to Make Your Adopted Child Feel Welcome

Young children outside blowing bubbles.

You made it through the long adoption process and are asking yourself, how do I make my adopted child feel welcome? To make your adopted child feel welcome, take lots of family photos and start a family photo album. Embrace your adopted child’s culture, which will help your child feel at home. Participate in one-on-one … Read more

Am I Too Young to Have a Baby? 8 Signs You’re Not Ready

Young lady wondering if she's too young to have a baby.

Pregnancy can be an amazing journey, but it can also be extremely scary for a woman who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and wonders to herself, am I too young to have a baby? You are too young to have a baby if you need to rely on others for financial assistance and are not ready … Read more

Am I too Old to Adopt a Child? 10 Things to Consider

Am I too Old to Adopt a Child?

Our society conditions us to believe that after we get to a certain age, we should curl up into a ball, find a rocking chair, and plan for our downhill slide into retirement and a funeral plot. You may be wondering, am I too old to adopt a child? You are too old to adopt … Read more