Pros and Cons of Adopting a Teenager: Get the Real Scoop

Adopted child wondering about their birth mother

With so many children needing a forever home, it comes as no surprise that some of those children are teenagers who will soon age out of the system with no family to call their own. What are the pros and cons of adopting a teenager? A pro of adopting a teenager is that the adopted … Read more

Can an Adoptive Mom Nurse an Adopted Baby?

Can an Adoptive Mom Nurse an Adopted Baby?

Prospective adoptive mothers who are adopting a newborn might wonder if they will be missing out on the option of nursing their baby. Can an adoptive mom nurse an adopted baby? An adoptive mom can nurse an adopted baby, even if she has not been pregnant. This can happen through the stimulation of a nursing … Read more

Pros and Cons of Open Adoption: Things to Consider

Dad and daughter reading a book

Before you choose what type of adoption you want, you will first need to research your options. One may ask themselves, what are the pros and cons of open adoption? A pro of open adoption could be that the birth mother and the adopted child can stay in touch if that is something all parties … Read more

Can a Birth Mother Change Her Mind? We Find Out

Crib sitting in the corner of a brightly lit room.

When adopting a child, the adoptive parents understand that the birth mother is making an enormous sacrifice. So it makes sense to ask the question, can a birth mother change her mind? A birth mother can change her mind and decide to keep her baby at any time during her pregnancy. The mother generally has … Read more

Can an Adult be Adopted? Adopting Someone Over Age 18

Mother being hugged by her young adult son.

One may be able to come up with many reasons why adopting an adult should be allowed. This brings to mind the question, can an adult be adopted? An adult can be adopted after the age of 18, and the process is less complicated than adopting a child. Perhaps a stepfather wanted to adopt a … Read more

What Medical Conditions Prevent You From Adopting a Child?

What Medical Conditions Prevent You From Adopting a Child?

One of the requirements of the adoption process is to participate in a complete physical exam with your doctor. You may be wondering, what medical conditions would prevent you from adopting a child? You may adopt a child if you have a mental or physical illness providing your doctor or mental health care provider writes … Read more

What is a Contested Adoption? Can an Adoption Be Contested?

Father and young son laying on the floor.

For those who are going through the adoption process, the following questions may arise: What is a contested adoption? A contested adoption is a legal action to stop an adoption. Adoption can be contested if a biological father was uninformed of the pregnancy, the wrong man was labeled as the biological father and permitted the … Read more

Can Adoptive Parents Choose the Child They Want? We Find Out

Can Adoptive Parents Choose The Child They Want? We Find Out

When planning to adopt, it is common to have a particular idea of which type of child you will bring home. Almost everyone will want to know, can adoptive parents choose the child they want? Adoptive parents can choose the race, age, medical history of the birth mother, contact arrangements such as closed or open … Read more

Can a Single Person Adopt? What You Should Know

Single young father on the bed admiring his baby.

Having a child of our own is a common goal many of us share. Yet some hopeful parents may be wondering, can a single person adopt? A single person can adopt a child in the United States. The key is to have a proven ability to be able to provide a nurturing, loving, and stable … Read more

Can Adopted Children Inherit from Biological Parents?

Can Adopted Children Inherit from Biological Parents?

Adoption can stir up many legal questions, especially when it involves inheritance. A common question that often comes up is, can adopted children inherit from biological parents? Adopted children have no legal rights to their biological parent’s estate after an adoption is finalized unless the biological parents choose to have included the adopted child in … Read more

How to Prepare for Adoption Home Study: Home Study Checklist

New mother holding her baby with husband close.

If you are in the process of adopting a child or considering adopting a child, you may want to know how you can prepare for and pass the adoption home study. How do you prepare for adoption home study? To prepare for your adoption home study, you will want to be proactive in making sure … Read more

The Costs to Adopt from Haiti: Complete Guide


When doing your research on the costs of adopting internationally, you may be wondering how much does it cost to adopt from Haiti? The costs to adopt from Haiti can range anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000. This may or may not include other possible fees such as the application fee, the home study, the U.S. … Read more