Adoption Lawyers in Georgia: Do You Need an Adoption Attorney?

Adoption Lawyers in Georgia: Do You Need an Adoption Attorney?

Adoption can be a very large financial investment, so you will want to leave no stone unturned when making sure your adoption process is done properly and that no legal requirement is forgotten. Do you need an adoption attorney in Georgia?

You do need an adoption attorney in Georgia if you want to ensure your adoption process meets all legal requirements. Although adoptive parents are not required to use an adoption attorney, using an adoption attorney will save you money in the long run, ensuring your adoption is handled legally.

We will cover the following in this article:

  • Can You Adopt Without a Lawyer?
  • How Much Do Adoption Lawyers Cost?
  • What Do Adoption Lawyers Do?
  • How Do You Vet an Adoption Lawyer?
  • Adoption Lawyers in Georgia

My hope is that you think hard about the ways in which you may want to cut corners to save money here and there. By now, you already know that whether you hire a lawyer or not, adoption is costly.

With so much invested in adopting a child, spending just a bit more for a lawyer to ensure your adoption process runs smoothly may help you sleep better at night not having to worry if any legalities have been overlooked.

Did you know that children adopted from foster care may likely be eligible for subsidies until they become of age? Do you ever wonder about post-adoption contact laws and how they will affect your family?

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Can You Adopt Without a Lawyer?

Perhaps you have found an adoption agency that you have vetted and feel comfortable with. Do they work directly with a lawyer who oversees the legalities of their adoption proceedings, or should you hire your own lawyer? Can you adopt without a lawyer?

You are legally entitled to adopt a child without a lawyer, yet you are strongly advised to have a lawyer to oversee your adoption. Lawyers ensure that the adoption process meets all legal requirements and that you are protected. Most adoptive parents feel that hiring a lawyer is worth the cost.

Many adoption agencies work hand-in-hand with an adoption lawyer to ensure the adoption process meets state laws and requirements. If your adoption agency works with a lawyer to oversee the legalities, ask to meet with them directly.

We all know that adoption is costly, so why pay for additional fluff that you may not need, right? You may feel that an adoption lawyer is not necessary, and you will wing it and simply trust the process.

In short, you can certainly adopt a child without a lawyer. Many courthouses have facilitators and information packets for those wishing to proceed with court hearings without a lawyer. Specific adoption forms are required to be filled out and then submitted with the courthouse, and court appearances will be a part of that process.

Due to the costs you will likely endure during your adoption experience, is it not worth it to spend just a bit more so you have that piece of mind knowing the process is done legally as not to bite you in the end?

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How Much Do Adoption Lawyers Cost?

It is no secret that adopting a child can be very expensive. Add to that the costs to hire a lawyer, and it may feel a bit overwhelming. So, how much do adoption lawyers cost?

Adoption lawyers typically charge an hourly rate of between $200 to $300 per hour. The fee structure for an uncontested adoption typically involves a flat rate averaging around $2,000, providing there are no complications involved.

You are strongly encouraged to hire an adoption lawyer when going through the adoption process. The upfront costs of obtaining an attorney can often save you time, more money, and heartaches down the road.

Many adoption agencies work directly with a lawyer, and the services of the lawyer are included in the overall cost of the adoption.

Adopting a child is a big financial investment; one that requires making sure the process is done legally in every way as not to cost you more money in the long run.

What Do Adoption Lawyers Do?

So why are adoption lawyers so important, anyway? What does an adoption lawyer do?

1. Filing the adoption petition with the courthouse

2. Processing required forms and finalizing documents

3. Working with social workers to ensure a legal process

4. Scheduling and confirming court dates

5. Communicating with birth parent’s legal counsel

6. He or she is the liaison between adoption agency and parents

7. Assists in coordinating all aspects of the adoption

8. Representation during court hearings on your behalf

9. Guidance during unexpected roadblocks

Based on the abundance of responsibility and guidance that an adoption lawyer provides, you may want to strongly consider that hiring an adoption lawyer is worth every penny.

How Do You Vet an Adoption Lawyer?

Providing you have chosen to move forward with an adoption lawyer, it is now time to do a little research. How do you vet an adoption lawyer?

1. Verify the lawyer specializes in the practice you need.

2. Visit the Georgia State Bar. Any previous disciplinary actions?

3. How long have they been in practice?

4. Google them to look for online reviews, articles written by them, etc.

5. Have a consultation. Is the office clean, put together and professional?

6. Is the attorney punctual and confident? Do you feel rushed?

7. Do you feel listened to, or are they doing most of the talking?

8. A lawyer should never promise an outcome with your case.

9. Are they upfront about their rate structure and practices?

10. Will you be billed on a contingent basis or hourly? If hourly, get specifics.

Adoption Lawyers in Georgia

Below are some adoption attorneys in ten of the larger cities in Georgia. You are highly encouraged to vet an adoption lawyer so you feel confident moving forward.

Athens, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Atlanta, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Augusta, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Columbus, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Johns Creek, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Macon, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Roswell, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Sandy Springs, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

Savannah, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

South Fulton, Georgia Adoption Lawyers

If your city is not listed above, visit for an adoption attorney near you.

Disclaimer: Helping Grow Families has provided all above links as a courtesy and is in no way responsible for its content or accuracy. You are highly encouraged to vet each resource so you can be confident they meet the standards you expect in an adoption attorney.