About Trina

Adoption and Foster Care Advocate and Coach, Trina Greenfield

Overcoming Obstacles

Helping Grow Families was founded by Trina Greenfield, a former child of the foster care system who knows first-hand the grief, loss, and trauma that all foster children experience. Trina’s mission today is to help guide those considering adoption or becoming a foster parent.

When it comes to growing one’s family, adoption and fostering can be a wonderful means of acquiring that goal. If considering adoption in particular, one needs to be very thorough in their research to ensure they are going about their adoption journey in a manner that is in their best interest. Often times desperate people wanting a child are taken advantage of monetarily, and you will want to avoid those situations at all cost.

Most adoption liaisons are wonderful and want nothing more than to help find loving homes for children in need. Just be wise and do your research before moving forward. As with any large financial investment, you can’t be too careful.

Helping Grow Families is an information-based website providing thoroughly researched information that will help guide those seeking to pursue adoption, fostering, and other means of growing one’s family. Trina’s wish is to help be a light for those in their journey to helping a child in need.